At Chapelle, we have a deep appreciation of the work of the human hand and understand the value of inspiration and creativity. We want to provide you the avenues to thoroughly explore just how far your imagination will take you.

We are proud to co-publish books by the most creative, accomplished, and recognized designers in each of their respective fields including gardening, home decorating, and the handmade arts and crafts. In each of our how-to publications you will find innovative new designs and ideas as well as fully detailed step-by-step instructions that are the easiest to follow and most complete in the industry. Our Interactive DVD book series, Create with the Designers™, will take this a step further by allowing you to learn from the masters in person in the comfort of your home in the time frame you designate. And the Memories of a Lifetime and Instant Memories series will provide you with ephemera and inspiration for any of your current craft projects or to explore new avenues of creativity.

Discover what you love and the feeling of contentment you experience when you create it yourself.

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